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Nature News Summer 2022

As usual, Spring and Summer have thrown some nature surprises our way. Surrounded by fields and with well established trees and hedging, our school has an abundance of wildlife. However, sometimes we still get an extra special treat.


At the end of last term, some baby voles were found huddling and shivering near the leapfrogs. Their unfortunate parents had been killed by a predator and the young ones had left the safety of the nest. These were taken in by Mrs Rosochacki as they were not quite old enough to be away from their mum. Two out of the three babies survived and are doing very well.


Also at the end of last term, a wren had built a nest under the rafters of our new outdoor classroom! When we returned to school after the holidays we discovered the parent wrens had laid eggs and were busy flying in and out feeding young chicks. The nest was unfortunately found on the floor of the outdoor classroom on Tuesday 14th June with several baby wrens still alive inside. A quick thinking Mr Haley performed a DIY miracle to add some extra wooden batons for support and replaced the nest. Thankfully, the parents returned after a short while and have been busy feeding their young again.