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Early Help and our Early Help Offer

Early Help



Family Liaison and Attendance Officer: Miss Leah Billiard.

From time to time families may experience situations which are difficult to cope with, where you might need some extra help and support. Early Help means providing support to our families at Shirland Primary School as soon as problems start to emerge.

Finding the right support for your family’s needs isn’t always easy to do yourself. At Shirland Primary School, our Family Liaison officer (Leah Billiard) can support you with this. The reasons for requiring Early Help can vary and the list is not finite. However, reasons could include support for emotional well-being, behavioural support, attendance, finances, relationships, health and well-being.

Support may include completing an Early Help Assessment together. The Family Liaison Officer can use this to collect information and then offer advice; signpost to other services; explore interventions, and even seek further advice from other professionals to find the best support for your family. An Early Help Assessment will only be completed if you provide consent.