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The Forest School ethos is based on learning in a natural, outdoors environment to promote confidence and self-esteem and that learning is best achieved through a combination of hands on experiences and expert modelling.


At Shirland Primary School we provide the children taking part in Forest School with an opportunity to regularly visit a natural outdoor environment where they can experience some of the perceived risks needed to build resilience such as playing with sticks, mud and tools, in a way that is carefully managed, but not restricted.


Our Forest School leader is Mrs Rosochacki and holds a level 3 Forest School Practitioner qualification.

Respectful Robins (Year 4) - Autumn 2022

The Respectful Robins lived up to their names and showed respect for the mini-beasts, tree and plants during their explorations. They are expert slug finders and even found some in empty hazelnut shells. 

This year we used natural materials to create decorations for a Christmas tree to represent our school placed in St Leonard's Church. A donated tent gave the Robins a challenge which they solved (with a little bit of help from Mrs Sheffield) and used as a den whilst other member in the class were toasting marshmallows to make s'mores.

Fearless Falcons (Year 6) - Autumn 2022



Falcons explored the Forest School environment over 6 weeks, finding slugs, beetles, grubs, woodlice and spiders. Some lived up to the name of Fearless Falcons by carefully holding and observing these mini-beasts.

Their den building skills were superb and looked more like mansions than forest dwellings. Eagle eyed Falcons spotted several apple trees and request was put in by pupils to pick some ripe apples which were enjoyed at snack time with the biscuits and hot chocolate. 

They created superb woodland creatures and pots from clay and stunning nature's rainbow bookmarks. Sticks and brightly coloured wool were transformed into works of art and hung around the Forest School area as an outdoor art gallery. Even the wet weather brought an extra element of fun, attempting moats and water features for their dens.

Delightful Ducklings (Reception) - Autumn 2022

The Delightful Ducklings explored Shirland Primary Forest School for the very first time however many had taken part in Forest School at nursery and were experts. All the Ducklings soon became experts at mini-beast exploring, log stacking and clay modelling. 

They showed their fantastic fine motor skills to use mini hole punchers on leaves to thread forest school medals. Nature crowns were made from repeating patterns of leaves and they got their hands dirty ordering numbered flowers in plant pots.

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