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Reading in KS2

In Key Stage 2 most children will have completed their phonics reading programme and be able to decode words and read age appropriate texts fluently. At the start of Year 3, if ready, they will move on to using Accelerated Reader. Accelerated Reader is an online based programme aimed at encouraging children to read and develop their comprehension skills. 


At the beginning of Year 3 children complete an online reading comprehension test. This test, alongside the teacher's knowledge of your child's reading level, will determine what colour book band your child is on. Your child should be able to read the majority of their book fluently and easily, with one or two challenging words that you will need to explain.

Every time your child completes a book they take an online quiz which consists of a set of questions based specifically on that text. If a child gets 60% or more of the questions correct they can change their book. Every correct question counts towards their personal reading target, which is checked and adjusted termly by the class teacher. Targets are always reset at the start of every term. If children get 100% on a quiz taken in school they earn a point for their team. Accelerated reader even counts how many words children have read - if they hit a million words they get a WHSmith voucher to spend at the end of the year.


I'm always asked lots of questions about Accelerated Reader - so here are the answers to some common ones. If these don't answer your questions please contact me at school and I can add the answers to this list!


* Children can take quizzes on their books at home. You can only logon via the link on the main page of the school website (google links won't work).

* You can see what books your child has read, whether they have passed quizzes taken in school, and how close they are to achieving their termly target when you log on.

* Children have their own log on details for privacy reasons, and should know their own password as they chose it.

* Children should read with an adult before taking a quiz - they tend to not pass a quiz or gain a low score when they rush

* If your child does not pass a quiz please reassure them not to worry. Just talk to them about possible reasons - did they rush it? Did they try to just remember instead of checking in the book for the correct answer? If it is a small book they could try rereading it with you, or if it is a large book they could discuss the book and recount the story in their own words. They should ALWAYS tell a teacher so we can check what type of help or advice is needed. They will not be asked to re-quiz the book.

* Children take their quizzes and change their books independently, and have the opportunity to do this every day

* Teachers check whether a child needs to move up a book band at the end of a term. This is based on lots of things such as how fluent and confident a reader they are, their understanding of what they have read, whether their target has been reached, their pass rate on quizzes, their online test and their reading habits.