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Our Geography leader is Miss Scott. 

'The study of geography is about more than just memorizing places on a map. It's about understanding the complexity of our world, appreciating the diversity of cultures that exists across continents. And in the end, it's about using all that knowledge to help bridge divides and bring people together.'

Barack Obama

At Shirland Primary School, we value Geography as an important part of the children’s entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum. As well as teaching children locational knowledge of the world we also teach children investigative and problem solving skills. Our Geography sessions take place both inside and outside the classroom and we employ a topic based approach. We believe that teaching Geography in a creative and concrete way is fundamental to inspire pupils’ curiosity and fascination about the world. 

In the EYFS framework, Geography is covered through the 'understanding the world' area of learning. children become familiar with the world around them and talk about their immediate environment using knowledge from observation, discussion, stories and maps. They compare their local environment with other countries.