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Bullying is not common in this school, however, we will not tolerate bullying in any form whatsoever. 

It is not only the bullied but also the bully who needs care and counselling. Bullies do not usually operate in front of teachers, so very often, we are the last to know.

Please make sure your child tells us of any incidents of persistent bullying or encourage them to tell you. There are other forms of bullying other than physical, for example name calling and other taunts can be just as threatening as physical abuse. 


Please be aware that bullying is very often reported by the media and often children will say, "I am being bullied" when they really mean, "I have fallen out with someone and we have had an argument."

Although all aggressive behaviour will be punished, this sort of occurrence is common and very different from persistent bullying. If you child tells you that they are being bullied, please believe them but check that their idea of bullying is the same as yours. 


We use the acronym STOP. This stands for "Several Times On Purpose" to help the children define a bullying incident.