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We try to link our history and geography topics to our learning in computing. We learned about using search engines such as Google to research information about South American countries and created Powerpoints to present the information. We used text, changed fonts and added graphics to make them more interesting.   


We also used 2animate to create our own animations using our water cycle diagrams in science.

We learned about internet safety including acceptable and unacceptable behaviour online. We learned how to block and report unacceptable behaviour online. We created our own wiki linked to our Anglo-Saxon history topic (see our history page). 

We learned about blogs and wikis. A blog is an online diary that can include opinions and feelings. A wiki is a page about one topic that can be edited by other people such as Wikipedia. We wrote our own wiki about our Anglo-Saxon history topic. We wrote our own sentences to make a class wiki - please see the history page for our wiki!