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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!
Teaching Staff  
Headteacher Mrs L Needham
Deputy Head Mrs A Hukins
Deputy Head  (part-time) Ms L Harrison
Champion Cheetahs teacher/KS2 Team Leader Mr S Flanagan
Powerful Panthers Teacher (part-time) Mrs A Hukins
Powerful Panthers/Terrific Tigers Teacher (part-time) Miss E Rhodes
Talented Turtles Teacher Mrs S Bambrick
Wonderful Wolves Teacher Mrs F Banks
Terrific Tigers Teacher   Mrs D Wilkinson
Clever Caterpillars Teacher Miss B Key
Marvellous Meerkats Teacher (part time)/SENCo Mrs J Kerry
Marvellous Meerkats Teacher (part time) Mrs R Newton
Non-Teaching Staff  
School Business Officer Mrs A Ogden
School Business Assistant Mrs M Moakes
Learning Mentor Mrs C Hunter
Team Leader Mrs C Rosochacki
Teaching & Learning Assistant Mrs N Smith
Teaching & Learning Assistant Mrs T Pilkington
Teaching & Learning Assistant Mr C Haley
Teaching & Learning Assistant Mrs A Morris
Teaching & Learning Assistant Mrs C Syson
Teaching & Learning Assistant Mrs R Harry
Teaching & Learning Assistant Mrs L Telford
Teaching & Learning Assistant Mrs N Cartledge
Teaching & Learning Assistant Mrs C Langton
Midday Supervisor Mrs V Chapman
Midday Supervisor Mrs D Clark
Midday Supervisor Mrs C Clague
Midday Supervisor Mrs J Morton
Midday Supervisor Mrs D Tissié
Midday Supervisor Miss S Bramley
Site Supervisor Mr R Chapman
Cleaner Mrs V Chapman
Cleaner Mrs N Smith
Cook Mrs R Else
Kitchen Assistant Mrs E Alvey
Kitchen Assistant Mrs A Shakespeare