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Speaking and listening

Spending time talking with and listening to your child, will help them to build vocabulary and understanding, as well as learn how language lets us communicate with each other. Being able to communicate well with others is a very important lifeskill for children to achieve, and at Shirland Primary School we recognise this and provide opportunities for children to practise this skill through many channels such as


* one to one discussions with adults

* circle time discussions and debates

* group and whole class discussions

* drama activities

* providing opportunities to speak in front of larger audiences such as other classes, in assemblies and in school productions

* specific teaching of new vocabulary

* modelling and encouraging correct language 


These skills are taught to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum, and the development matters statements and early learning goals (EYFS).


I have put two links below that give ideas of games and activities you can do with your child to develop their speaking and listening skills. There are adverts on the links which we are not endorsing!