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Transition for Reception 2023

We'd like to introduce you to our two fantastic Reception teachers: Mrs Dolman (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs Kerry (Wednesday-Friday).

First Week's Timetable

Tuesday 5th September 8.50-11.45am

Wednesday 6th September 8.50-12.30pm (including lunch)

Thursday 7th September 8.50-12.30pm (including lunch)

Friday 8th September 8.50-3.15pm (including lunch)

Starting school is a very important time in a child's life. Careful preparation is of the most importance. 

Together, we can help to equip each child with the necessary confidence to cope with this new experience.

A positive attitude to school should be developed over the months proper to his/her enrolment. We would advise parents to talk frequently to their young child about school in order that they can look forward to coming.


Parents should encourage their child(ren) in conversation, using as wide a variety of words as possible. They should read stories; join in saying nursery rhymes and play games such as 'Snap', dominoes and I-spy. Parents should try to ensure that young children know the names of the colours. The use of pencils, crayons, paints, jigsaws and simple tools should be encouraged, and experienced in cutting with a safe pair of scissors helps enormously to develop co-ordination.


Settling in at school is achieved much more quickly if the beginner can accomplish the following tasks independently:

  • dress and undress without help
  • use a knife and fork correctly
  • manipulate buttons, buckles and zips
  • manage alone at the toilet and know to wash hands (parents are asked to bear this in mind when choosing clothes).


It is also very helpful is the child is able to:

  • say his/her own name and address
  • recognise his/her own name in print
  • hold a pencil correctly


Please DO NOT teach your child to write in capital letters and please DO NOT teach letter names- only use letter sounds. If helping your child to write, please be sure that you know the correct way to form letters. If in doubt, please consult with the class teacher. Children have considerable difficulty 'unlearning' bad habits in connection with letter formation.


Parents are assured that we shall do our best to help each child to settle down happily, and that we shall encourage him/her to progress educationally at a pace relevant to his/her ability.