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Thank you everyone who attended our Family Reading Morning. We had some great feedback, some of which you can see below.

Our key messages were

  • Regular reading, at least four times a week, helps children’s reading confidence and enjoyment
  • Reading regularly has a real impact on children’s future success
  • 20 minutes reading and discussing the text is an ideal amount of time, no matter what reading level the child is at
  • Asking a variety of questions helps your child engage with a text and develops their comprehension skills


Please click the link in the reading stars above for a copy of the questions to use when reading with your child. It has ideas for fiction, non-fiction and poetry and was successfully tried and tested by some of our visiting parents!




Did you find the information in the presentation useful?


Yes, very good content.

Yes, very useful to hear about the school’s reading process and see a reading lesson.

Yes, really informative.

Yes very, I’ll try to get some copies of the newspaper and the 20 minutes guide is good to know.

Yes, really helpful.

The information was very useful.


Yes, it was helpful.

Yes, it’s good to see exactly how you teach it.

Yes, very useful.

The information was very useful.

Yes, very informative.

Yes, gives more of an insight into how we can help children read and get more out of reading at home.


Do you think the reading question sheet will help you when reading with your child?


Yes, very.

Yes, nice to have some new ideas. We often use the questions at the back of the reading books.

Yes, it will enable me to ask questions about reading.

Yes, we’ll try using it at home.

Yes, it helps me guide him to comprehend.

Yes, it’s a reminder of key questions to ask.

Yes, it will help to pick out which questions are useful.

Yes, particularly fiction vs non-fiction.

Yes it will.

Yes, sometimes we read too fast so slowing down and giving them time to look over on their own.

Yes, there are questions I wouldn’t think of asking.

Yes I can see that helping.

Yes, great prompts.


Do you have any further comments?


Continue- more of the same.

We also enjoy the library books sent home.

Thank you for allowing us into the school to work with our children.

I found the experience very useful.

It’s lovely to be able to be in school and see the learning environment.

No, but a really lovely opportunity to see my daughter in class and see how one of her lessons works.

Would love to come in more.

Much appreciated session – chance to observe and interact.

It was really lovely to see them enjoying activities from the story.

I found the reading morning very helpful.

Very informative meeting.

Great to be able to visit the children’s classes. I think they enjoyed it.

Great to visit my child’s class.

It was good to see how a lesson takes place.


Do you have any suggestions about how to improve reading at Shirland Primary School?

Keep going – fun learning!

No. you are all doing a great job.

After observing how classroom reading is done in class I feel very happy how this is done – full of variety!

No, I think Shirland is very keen on improving reading and we enjoy the reading incentives and family mornings.