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Young Voices - Sheffield Arena

It was an absolute pleasure to accompany Mrs Newton and the school choir to Sheffield Arena for this year's Young Voices concert on Friday afternoon. The children spent the afternoon rehearsing for the main event which started at 7.00pm. Parents of approx 5,000 children arrived to witness two amazing hours of singing, dancing and beat boxing. The opening song, 'La Fortuna Carmina Burana', was simply breath taking and I can not explain how proud I was of our children. 


Thank you to the parents and families who travelled to be part of the audience and for your feedback on the event which was incredibly positive and supportive. It was a very long day for all, particularly our Year 6 children, but that didn't stop them singing their hearts out. 


May I take this opportunity to thank Mrs Newton and Mrs Rosochacki who volunteered to give up their Friday evening to escort the children, and thank you for the flowers know who you are.