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Safer Internet Day - Friday 6th February

In an age of increasing technology and greater reliance on social media for communication, we are very aware of our duty to help our pupils stay safe when online. Although sites such as Facebook and Twitter have a minimum age limit of 13, many children much younger than this get on the site by declaring a false date of birth. Indeed, many children are on Facebook without their parents' knowledge. Very scary!

The aim of this day is to raise awareness, age appropriately, of the dangers of going online as well as the benefits. We will use resources from agencies such as Child Exploitation and Online Protetion (CEOP) and ThinkUKnow.

We also ask that if your child goes online to play games or for homework, you take time to discuss online safety with them. Some parents aren't even aware their child may be online when they are playing quietly on their Xbox or Playstation. Also closely monitor which sites they have been using by going on the history tab when they have finished. It's not spying on your child - IT'S KEEPING THEM SAFE!