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Newts at Shirland

Mrs Buxton and several parents were surprised to find a newt waiting outside of school, shortly before Celebration Assembly on Friday 6th December. Although it looked almost dead, it was in fact 'playing dead'. To avoid the newt being trampled on by the people arriving into the hall, Mrs Buxton removed it out of harms way and it was placed in a safer sheltered area.


We were aware that newts were present nearby as the building of the school was briefly delayed due to the discovery of Great Crested Newts, back in 2011. Great Crested Newts are a protected species in the UK which means you cannot capture them, collect or damage their eggs or destroy their habitats. However, rescuing a newt to stop it from dying is within the law.


We hope it hibernates safely over the winter and returns to the pond in the field next to us in the spring.