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Dealing with head lice


Headlice are one visitor that we don’t want in school! Unfortunately there are, as in any other place where there are groups of children, occasionally incidents of headlice in school. Fortunately they can be kept at bay if we all take action as soon as we notice them – please read the following and help us keep headlice out of school.

When we notice headlice in school we will…
  • Send a text to all the parents and carers with a child in the affected class so you can check your own child carefully and treat if necessary
  • Have leaflets available if you would like advice on the best way to get rid of headlice
We will not…..
  • Identify an individual child
  • Make a child feel uncomfortable in any way about the fact they have headlice – it can happen to anyone!
To help us achieve a headlice free school we would like you…..
  • To let us know straight away if you notice headlice or nits (eggs) in your child’s hair. This will help us send out texts quickly and hopefully stop them spreading.
  • To check your child’s hair thoroughly. The eggs in particular can be small and easy to miss. Please check them even if you don’t think they have them.
  • Treat your child’s hair using a recommended method. You can find advice on one of the leaflets we have sent out, or on the NHS website , which outlines the best way to use either the wet combing method  or ‘over the counter’ products. Continue treatment until the lice have gone, and check all members of the family.
Thank you for your help!