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The teachers in this class are Mrs Hukins and Miss Rhodes.

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Ideas to help at home:


During these difficult times of home schooling, the most important thing that your child can do, which will boost their skills across all subject areas, is to read regularly.


‘Books give us an escape into another world and feed our imaginations. They give us empathy and resilience.’ Quote on Twitter this week. 


If you are aware of elderly relatives or neighbours who are self-isolating, you could set up a time during the day when your young person reads to them via Facetime, Skype or similar APP.  This would allow your child to feel like they were doing a good deed but it’s also a fun way of keeping up with the school work.


Please encourage your child to continue to practise the words from the Year 5/6 spelling list (see below). We have also attached some fun spelling activities to try to add variety when learning spellings. Try to do these in short bursts and return to any words that they find tricky to spell, read or understand. 


Encourage your child to use the words when they are talking or to use them correctly in a sentence. Encourage them to look up the definition, as well as find synonyms (words with similar meanings) and antonyms (words with the opposite meaning). If you don't have a dictionary or thesaurus, there are many available on line or (if you have one) ask your Smart speaker. ' Alexa what's a synonym for... '


Playing word games are a fun way of developing your child's understanding of vocabulary. They can be played by the whole family and can be great fun. It is really important for your children to have fun during these unsettling times. Word games could include (or make your own up and let us know the best ones):


  •  What are your three favourites? (ice cream flavours, biscuits, drinks, days, games, books, sports, school subjects etc),
  • Alphabet games - Challenge your child or take it in turns to go through the alphabet and name something that starts with each letter. Categories could include: girls' or boys' names, shops, supermarkets, sports brands, clothing items, television programmes, flowers, animals or plants. If you get stuck (x is usually tricky) you could look an answer up on the internet.
  • Say a well-known or a silly phrase in a particular way. 'Fish fingers' works well and is quite funny. For example, 'Say Fish Fingers as if you've just won the lottery,' say, 'Fish fingers as if you've just stood in some really wet sticky mud wearing flip flops', or 'Say fish fingers as if you are just going over the top on a roller coaster.' Children will be able to think of lots of other ways of saying Fish Fingers. This will make them think about feelings and their expression when they say it.
  • Fortunately, Unfortunately - players take it in turns to tell a story. Each person alternates between fortunately and unfortunately and then adds a sentence.

For example: Player 1: 'Unfortunately I had fallen down the stairs and bumped my head resulting in a large bruise.'

Player 2: 'Fortunately, I was carrying a cushion so it softened the blow.'

Player 1: 'Unfortunately, the cushion got ruined because I spilt a cup of tea all over it.'

Player 2: 'Fortunately, it was an old cushion that I didn't really like any more.'

Player 1: 'Unfortunately, I then had to mop up a whole cup of tea from my new white carpet etc. etc.'

Again you can dictate the story idea and what happens. Children can be creative and you could set them challenges. e.g. to use a particular word in their story.

  • Another way of orally telling stories, is to say a word each. This can be quite interesting and entertaining because the next player often doesn't say what you want them to say! If you want to make this more of a challenge, get your child to think what type of word it is. For example is it an adjective, a noun, a verb or and an adverb?


Most of all, please try to make all learning activities fun for your child. You can do this by being enthusiastic yourself.

Our Activities

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